NEWS: LifeDojo corporate wellness research study reveals significant improvements in employee health, job satisfaction

October 21, 2015

Corporate wellness firm LifeDojo Inc., together with client partner Komoto Healthcare, have announced the results of a 6-month wellness program study. The program, led by Danielle Colayco, PharmD, MS, Director of Health Outcomes & Value Strategy at Komoto Healthcare, achieved significant increases across a number of metrics, including 85% of employees sticking with their chosen health habits for the entire 90 day program, 1 in 3 employees losing more than 2% of their body weight, and a 40% increase in job satisfaction. Nearly every employee reported being satisfied with the program.

The health behavior change results and engagement levels seen in the Komoto study are unprecedented in the corporate wellness industry.

Creating new habits

“Employers today are facing an epidemic of poor health and chronic disease in the workplace,” said Chris Cutter, CEO of LifeDojo. “Too many wellness vendors are focused on rewarding employees, not on driving them to make lasting changes in their lives. Our mission is to help employees develop new health habits that stick with them for years to come.”

Cutter emphasized, “This study is proof that employees can change their health habits when they have the support to do it. Having 85% of Komoto’s employees stick with their health habit program for the full 90 days was very exciting to watch.”

“We’re in the healthcare business so it’s only natural that we do our best to take care of our employees,” said Mary Komoto, co-owner and Chief Financial Officer at Komoto Healthcare. “When employees are healthier, they’re also better, more productive employees. LifeDojo had an approach that was both relevant to our employees and unique.”

The LifeDojo programs focus on educating and motivating employees to transform their physical and mental health by focusing on one habit change at a time. Employees participating in the study were enrolled in an evidence-based 12 week online program, and were supported in their habit changes by LifeDojo’s private telehealth coaches.

Key findings from the Komoto Healthcare study:


  • 83% of participants eliminated their chosen negative eating habit for the entire 90-day program duration
  • 85% of participants stuck with their chosen positive eating habit for the entire 90-day program duration
  • 1 in 3 employees lost more than 2% of their body weight.
  • 95% of employees reported significant improvement in overall health
  • 98% of participants reported feeling confident in their ability to maintain their new healthy habits in the long term
  • 95% of participants were satisfied with the program


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