LifeDojo CEO Chris Cutter in IdeaMensch

May 27, 2015

This month, check out the feature on LifeDojo CEO Chris Cutter in IdeaMensch, where he discusses his vision and influences, his productivity hacks, and of course his own health habits.

Chris Cutter’s career-long passion has been to create effective behavior change ventures that can scale fast enough to curb the preventable health epidemics of our time. In his role as founder and CEO of LifeDojo, he sets the strategy and vision for the company while ensuring every element of LifeDojo combines the power of evidence-based public health with great design, entertainment, and technology.

Before LifeDojo, Chris led a large-scale venture in New York City, which brought federal, state, and private dollars together to deliver evidence-based health behavior change programs to diverse populations. For Chris, LifeDojo is about taking what works on the ground and scaling it to millions of people by offering the same level of quality online. He received his master’s degree in applied research and social development from Washington University in St. Louis and is a healthcare transformer with StartUp Health.

Read more over at IdeaMensch.

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